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Got bored about those world map sized, jumbo graphics that make your profile page untidy and unshaped? So, you are at the right place. Our graphics pages have cute glitter graphics, text animations and background images. You can use these graphics to create unique and eye-catching Homepage accounts. So why wait? Browse our free glitter graphics and background graphics page and pimp your profiles with cute glitter animations and backgrounds. We are also making codes for Homepage layouts.

We won’t make long introductions about PA8.Grafics and its frequent attendance. Every user has definitely heard about social networks and has already created own account to maintain communication with distant friends or even relatives. 
Profile decoration is one of the points which make all users concerned about it. Certain stuff will be very helpful for these purposes. Here belong various pictures, colorful Glitter images, avatar frames and decorations, animations, moving objects and so on. But the most sought after stuff is popular glitter graphics, which gives you an opportunity to make use of picture covered with millions of glitters simultaneously...

Today you can come across great deal of glittering layouts for the leading social network, well-popular Homepages. We mean that you’ll find any glitter graphic to your taste from a great diversity of already existing in I-net. You need such glittering layouts for your profile modifying. 
Fairy and Fantasy Glitter picture


Wolf and Indian Glitter picture

Ocean and Mixed Glitter picture

Christmas and Thanks Giveing Glitter picture

Dragons and Fantasy Glitter picture


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We Create Graphics on your wish for your Homepage and Blogspots.That you can share with Friends and Family.and as well as school Projects and as well for Radio Stations around the World.
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